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Training happens from 7-10pm in:

  • Acton on Tuesdays at The Hub @ MSB – 69 Acton Blvd.
  • *NEW  Oakville on Tuesdays at Oak Park Enighbourhood Centre – 2200 Sawgrass Rd
  • Georgetown on Wednesdays at Open Door @ St. George’s – 60 Guelph St.
  •  *NEW  Burlington on Wednesdays at St. Christopher’s Anglican CHurch – 662 Guelph Line
  • Milton on Thursdays at - Grace Anglican Church @ 317 Main St.
  • *NEW  Bronte on Thursdays at the Church of the Epiphany – 141 Bronte Rd., Oakville


Training begins in October, and ends at the end of May for our Summer Outreach.

12 youth (two youth from each town) selected through an interview process, are paid an honoraria of $12.00 / hour for all their training and outreach. Youth are welcome to complete their 40 volunteer hours for school and any probation hours they have through POSSE training.

Drop-in for training – youth must agree to come to learn and be respectful. 

Training is provided by professionals in social services, including local community agencies, police and health services - as well as people with personal experience.

   Check out the POSSE Calendar here for the training schedule and details!  

Training includes (may include the following topics, depending on youth request and feedback following each training evaluation and do not necessarily occur in the order below.):

  1. Peer Outreach (What is peer outreach?)
  2. Confidentiality, Youth Services and Referrals
  3. Sexual Health and Universal Precautions
  4. Your Rights and the police
  5. Suicide, Depression and Mental Illness
  6. Diffusing violence, Identifying and reporting hate crimes
  7. HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C
  8. Substance Use (the Dynamic of substance use, abuse and addiction / Crack, Cocaine and the Rights of Drug users 101 )
  9. Harm Reduction, Needle Exchange, Safe Injection 101
  10. Systemic Oppression
  11. Anti-Racism 101
  12. Anti-Racism 202
  13. Anti-Homophobia 101
  14. Anti-Homophobia 202
  15. Anti-Sexism
  16. Sexual Assault & Sexual harassment
  17. Bereavement / Grief Support
  18. Youth Homelessness & Social Assistance
  19. Statistics and Record keeping
  20. Review and role playing
POSSE held the following trainings in 2010/2011:
- Confidentiality/ Youth Services in Halton Region/ Harm Reduction, POSSE
- Sexual health, Halton Region Sexual Health and Needle Exchange Program
- Harm Reduction/ Hep C, Exchange Works
- Racism/ Stereotypes, Halton Multicultural Council
- Sexism/ sexual assault, SAVIS
- Opiates and Methadone, ANEW Dispensary and Clinic
- Homophobia, Positive Space Network of Halton
- Psychosis, Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
- Youth Homelessness, Bridging the Gap
- HIV/ AIDS/ HEP C, AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County
- Concurrent Disorders, Phoenix program/ ADAPT
- Pharmacology of drugs, ADAPT
- Crisis Intervention, John Howard Society
- Youth Mental Health, Halton Youth Net
- SAFE Talk Suicide Intervention Training, HEAL




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