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about POSSE

Born out of the North Halton Youth – Hepatitis C Prevention Project (a one year pilot project), Peer Outreach Support Services & Education (POSSE) was the creation of several youth interested in learning youth driven, harm reduction and human rights peer outreach and support skills; two social community developers / youth workers with the ability to make it happen, and some special people and agencies to collaborate with us, to ensure it happened!

Our Vision: Youth promoting youth power.
Mission Statement: Peer Outreach Support Services & Education (POSSE) is a FREE service providing training, street level outreach, information and support to encourage safer decision making in reducing the risks associated with drug use, sex, homelessness, violence and discrimination. POSSE is a harm reduction and human rights project, run by youth for youth between the ages of 15-24, living in North Halton.
Our Philosopy and Value Statement: All youth have an inherent right to equality, dignity, safety, respect and their basic human rights regardless of age, race, class, gender, sexual orientation or any other distinguishing characteristics.
For more information, download the new POSSE Manual “A Guide to Growing POSSE“ (PDF)
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